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Tips to Sleep on a Hot Summer’s Night…

If like us, you find it difficult to settle down and find sleep during these sticky, hot nights, here are some tips to help you cool, relax and drift off into a happy, sound sleep.

Firstly, the key thing is the temperature of your room.
When you sleep, your body naturally needs to drop two to three degrees before you can reach the state of deep sleep. If your core temperature is too high, it’s hard for you brain to tell if you’re awake or asleep. A lower temperature also promotes a more restful sleep by ensuring that your body doesn’t warm up too early in the morning helping you to transition gently out of the deep sleep stage.

So how on these hot nights can we create the optimal environment for sleep?

1. Ventilation!
Open your windows and allow the night breeze in.

2. Drink water.
Before going to bed drink chilled water to get your body hydrated and cool, and replenish water loss due to sweating. Remember you can also add our SLEEP Drops into your water to help to find peace and calm.

3. Ice in your bed!
Instead of the trusty hot-water bottle we are so used to, fill your bottle with water and pop in the freezer. When it’s frozen, wrap in a towel and pop in bed with you. It works wonders!

4. No electronics in your room!
These create additional heat, even if they are just charging!

5. No Furry Friends (this includes partners if you can!).
This is an area that I struggle with. I have two dogs in my bed each night which generates an enormous amount of heat! I will be definitely sleeping in my spare room tonight, hoping they wont join me!

These are my five tips. I hope they are helpful and bring you some coolness tonight!

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