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Sex is Good for Us!

How healthy bedroom antics can bring a spring into your step, improve your wellbeing and up the sunshine vibes in your life!

Who hasn’t emerged into the world after a fun night and/or morning of bedroom antics with a bounce and a face brimming with smiles and a general boost of wellbeing? I remember doing exactly that back in my twenties, working in a high-pressured job in the city, venturing home tired after a long day and emerging the next day onto the streets of London refreshed with that born again feeling, grinning from ear to ear at the street sweepers, the market traders, and the taxi drivers with one remarking wow what did you get up to last night! Now thankfully the high-pressured city job is a thing of the past, but the enjoyment of a healthy sex life isn’t. It should be no shock to the system to hear that a healthy sex life can increase your wellbeing, boost your longevity, reduce stress levels, and have you looking and feeling your best all at the same time? We’re also thrilled that our specially sourced natural sex tincture can give our clients a healthy helping hand in achieving that post coital glow, and here’s how.

When you have good, fulfilling sex, you release a cocktail of powerful hormones that make you and your ‘between the sheets’ partner look and feel great. The cardiovascular benefits that you get from an energetic session between the sheets gets the blood pumping and gives your skin that tell-tale glow, and your muscles get a great workout too, especially your pelvic floor muscles.

But the benefits go further. If you have sex with a loving partner, the cuddles you enjoy afterwards release hormones such as oxytocin – the bonding hormone – and dopamine which is the original feel-good chemical. These help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and encourage feelings of calm and relaxation. If you’re currently not making the effort to enjoy great sex with your partner, then it’s well worth finding the time and energy to do so – for your physical and mental health, not to mention to strengthen your relationship.

The benefits of a good sex life

Let’s review the benefits of a healthy sex life!

– It helps you sleep because you release oxytocin which helps you to relax and prevents insomnia
– It makes you look younger by up to ten years if you have sex at least three times a week, because of the hormones which include endorphins and Hormone Growth Factor.
– It reduces the risk of tension headaches
– It reduces stress and the risks of stress-related high blood pressure
– It can boost your feelings of self-esteem and confidence
– Sex can boost your immunity because of the antibodies that your body releases. These can protect against the common cold and other viruses.
– It eases period pain if you struggle with cramps
– It can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men
– It can lower your chances of getting heart disease
– Sex also boosts your memory and mental processing powers
– It creates a positive loop in that the more good sex you have, the more sex you want as your libido enjoys a boost!
– Get active in bed and you’ll also burn calories, tone muscles – including your pelvic floor – and get your heart rate pumping. It’s a lot more fun than pumping out reps at the gym!

Ways to get into the mood

After a prolonged pandemic period, many of us need a little extra help to enjoy a spring in our step and a sparkle in our eyes once again. The recent release of ‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande’ with the incredibly talented Emma Thompson as the main protagonist encourages us all to explore the depths of these powerful emotions and intoxicating feelings in a safe environment with a generous partner. And yes, a glass or two of wine can help to put you in the mood, but it’s not the healthiest way to feel sexy.

Why not instead try a specially formulated sex tincture instead that encourages your libido and confidence in a natural and healthy way, using traditional plant medicine. Our stimulating SEXY TINCTURE DROPS uses expertly distilled herbs and plant extracts such as ashwagandha and rose petal extract to boost confidence, desire and physical response. The great thing about our SEXY TINCTURE DROPS is that you can add it to anything, water, tea, a non-alcoholic cocktail or simply pop under your tongue.  The Siberian ginseng amongst the other botanical ingredients is sure to put a fire in your heart and ignite your inner desire.

herbal tincture sex tincture

Why use a sex tincture to get you back in the mood

Herbal tinctures are designed to work with the body in a natural way and to balance hormones. When your hormones are out of balance and you’re tired and stressed, you are far less likely to be inclined to have sex. After all, when you’re tired you just want to sleep. But this can become an ongoing and self-reinforcing cycle that means you want sex less with your partner, so you have it less frequently, and the cycle continues.

By using our tincture you can naturally bring your body back into balance again, sleep well when you need to, feel energised when you need to and experience desire once again.

Try the SEXY DROPS in total confidence with our customer guarantee – we’re confident that you will be delighted with the results.

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