Blooming Blends



Find inner peace and balance with these  calming botanical blends. 
Made in small batches in the wilds of Norfolk, our tinctures contain a synergy of traditional herbs and plants extracted in an alcohol-free formulation.  

Each of our INNER BALANCE herbal tinctures contains a blend of five herbs that work together in synergy to support inner balance and calm. Our CALM Blend may help to you find peace and stillness while our HAPPY Blend cheers your heart. The CYCLE Blend is formulated to bring balance to your monthly cycle, while our COOL LADY Blend tries to provide herbal support as your body moves from one phase into the next.

It’s easy to take our herbal tinctures. Simply take 15 drops or ½ a pipette under your tongue up to three times a day.
Please do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Yes. Our herbal tinctures are all-natural and work in harmoniously together.  We do not use any controversial herbs.  Our natural remedies are not suitable for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you find your stress levels are very high and your mental health is deteriorating, please seek medical advice from a healthcare provider.