Blooming Blends

Our Story


Blooming Blends offers a collection of award-winning herbal tinctures.
Fusing ancient botanical wisdom with modern methods, each herbal tincture is a blend of active herbs and plants.
Made in small batches in the wilds of Norfolk, extract our botanicals  in an ALCOHOL-FREE formulation.
Blooming Blends is all about promoting the wonderful world of herbs and plants that our ancestors have taken for centuries before us.
You will find no hidden nasties, synthetics vitamins or minerals, or artificial preservatives in our tinctures.


Hello, I am Fleur and I’m originally a cook by trade.  I had a food delivery business making freshly prepared meals for new parents.
When working long hours in the kitchen, I tried to find a natural herbal product that would support my energy, strength and focus for those moments when I needed them.
During my search for that perfect product, I discovered the incredible world of botanical tinctures.
I totally fell in love with this traditional way of taking herbs and I couldn’t believe how quick and easy they were to take, and how I instantly felt the benefits.  I also loved the fact that tinctures are liquid, so I didn’t have to swallow massive pills!
As I started to research tinctures, I found that in the UK their usage was limited, with little information and they were not very approachable.
I set out to change this and created my own tincture blends with attractive, easy to understand packaging.  I also wanted to show that tinctures can taste nice too!
And so my continued mission is to introduce everyone to how wonderful tinctures are; how easy they are to take; how instantly beneficial and how delicious they taste!
I also love the fact that tinctures are the traditional way that all our ancestors took their herbal medicine.  No matter where we come from in the world, our ancestors picked their fresh herbs and plants, steeped them in a liquid of some kind and imbibed them.
Plants unite us all.
Love, Fleur x