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Established 2018

Traditional wellbeing blended for modern life

Our mission is to bring the amazing healing properties and benefits of traditional herbal tinctures into 21st-century modern life, and to make them more accessible, easy to use, simple to understand, and fun for everyone.

We have created a unique range of botanical boosting blends to help balance and strengthen our everyday.   Channeling nature’s magic with a sprinkling of PLANT POWER we have formulated incredible blends to help support our daily wellbeing, our sleep, our digestion, and our mood.

What makes our blends original is we have taken the tradition of using herbs steeped in ethanol with the modern way of herbs steeped in glycerine and combined the two to create delicious tasting tinctures, with maximum boosting properties.

You will find no fillers, additives or anything nasty
in our beautiful little bottles. 
Just 100% natural ingredients.

With no extra added vitamins or minerals, the pure PLANT POWER shines through.  This allows our products to easily be added to your already established wellbeing routine.

Our boosting blends are designed as little helping hands.
Listen to your body and use tinctures as and when you need them.

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Our happy customers

Since using the HIS (KIND) blend I definitely feel more focused and alert and I find it a really easy supplement to use and add to my daily routine.

Alex, London

I have tried so many brands of this type of product, definitely, this one is the best.  It helps me with my digestion so much, it really works! Thaaanks!

Bea, Spain

The EASY CYCLE has really helped balance and strengthen me during my monthly cycle.  It’s my #1 go-to.

Natalie, London