Blooming Blends



Raise spirits and uplift your heart with these  botanical blends.  Made in small batches in the wilds of Norfolk, our tinctures contain a synergy of traditional herbs and plants extracted in an alcohol-free formulation.  

These heart-warming botanical blends bring warmth to your heart and inner peace.

For each of our mood supplements, we recommend taking 15 drops of ½ a pipette under your tongue once a day. You can also split the dosage into 5 drops across three times a day. To avoid unwanted side effects, do not exceed the recommended dosage when seeking to boost mood. 

Our herbal tinctures are made from high quality fresh herbs that have been infused to create a non-alcoholic herbal liquid supplement.  Our herbal ingredients are ethically cultivated from responsible sources that have been used for centuries in both Eastern and Western herbal therapy cultures.  We try source most of our herbs grown in the UK.  A lot of the herbs we use can be found in an average British garden.


All the herbs we use in our natural supplements work together in harmony so you can take more than one tincture in a day.  We do no use any controversial herbs.  We recommend our supplements work best if you take them as and when you need and that you do not exceed more than three doses per day. 

We pride ourselves on using the purest and most potent British-grown herbs. As such, we do not use any synthetics, preservatives, additives, or fillers in our tinctures. Our supplements are vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and made in small batches. Learn more about the herbs we use, and 5 herbs that can help to boost everyday happiness.

Word on the street...

Since using the HIM Daily Drops blend I definitely feel more focused and alert and I find it a really easy supplement to use and add to my daily routine.

Alex, London

I have tried so many brands of this type of product, definitely, this one is the best.  It helps me with my digestion so much, it really works! Thaaanks!

Bea, Spain

The CYCLE Drops has really helped balance and strengthen me during my monthly cycle.  It’s my #1 go-to.

Natalie, London