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Energy support

Energise your body and mind with our natural energy tinctures. Made from a blend of six herbs that are fortifying and invigorating, they’re a tonic for those looking for a natural energy boost.

If you experience afternoon slumps, brain fog, or lethargy throughout the day, then our supplements for tiredness are the perfect pick-me-up. Our ENERGY Drops contain an efficacious blend of active botanical ingredients that stimulate the mind and body and make you feel good. Our favourite herb in the bottle is yerba mate, which is a powerful antioxidant known for providing a sustained energy boost.

Easy and gentle to use, the liquid herbal tincture is contained in a handy, portable bottle.  Take ½ a pipette or 15 drops directly under your tongue where the herbal liquid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, while the plant’s healing properties begin to work within minutes.  Alternatively, drop into liquid up to three times a day for a diluted yet just as efficacious result.

Our herbal tinctures are made from high quality herbal extracts.  Our herbal ingredients are ethically cultivated from responsible sources that have been used for centuries in both Eastern and Western herbal therapy cultures.  We try source most of our herbs grown in the UK.  A lot of the herbs we use can be found in an average British garden.

The six herbs we use in each of our supplements for energy have long been used in herbal and traditional medicine to treat tiredness. Siberian ginseng, yerba mate, ashwagandha, gotu kola all have restorative properties that provide you with gentle, clean and sustained energy. Visit our herb glossary to learn more about the herbs we use to help fortify you from the inside out.

All the herbs we use in our natural supplements work together in harmony so you can take more than one tincture in a day.  We find that our health supplements work best if you take them as and when you need and that you do not exceed more than three doses per day.

Our tinctures should not be taken by children, or pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please check with a healthcare professional before taking our energy boost supplements if you are under medical supervision or on medication.

If you are looking to boost your energy naturally, then there are several options available to you. The most important and effective things you can do are eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise. If you are already doing all three but find you are prone to dips in energy, then you can supplement your diet with natural energy supplements. At Blooming Blends, we combine ancient botanical wisdom with modern methods to create energy boost supplements that are remarkably effective. No more afternoon lulls, no more lethargy. If you are sceptical or reluctant to try them, then visit our reviews to see what our customers have to say.


Since using the HIS (KIND) blend I definitely feel more focused and alert and I find it a really easy supplement to use and add to my daily routine.

Alex, London

I have tried so many brands of this type of product, definitely, this one is the best.  It helps me with my digestion so much, it really works! Thaaanks!

Bea, Spain

The EASY CYCLE has really helped balance and strengthen me during my monthly cycle.  It’s my #1 go-to.

Natalie, London